Updated guidelines for informing research participants about personal data processing

The Data Management Guidelines now contain updated guidance in English for informing research participants about the processing of their personal data.

Formulating participant information sheets that describe studies and practical matters relating to a research project has traditionally not been problematic for researchers. However, changes in the regulatory framework concerning data protection – particularly the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – have created new requirements for informing research participants on personal data processing.

The updated guidelines provide advice on how research participants are informed and what information needs to be provided when their personal data are being processed in research. The guidelines provide in-depth explanations for requirements on the form, timing and content of the information.

Even though based on the GDPR, national data protection laws may still differ in some aspects. These guidelines are based on Finnish legislation.

The Data Management Guidelines is an online handbook created by FSD. It provides concrete guidance on the management of digital research data during the whole lifecycle of the data.