EOSC-Nordic proposal receives funding from European Commission

The European Commission has awarded funding to the EOSC-Nordic project proposal. EOSC-Nordic will form a part of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) initiative, and it is a collaborative project between 24 organisations in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Germany.

The EOSC-Nordic project will promote the openness of research data in the Nordic and Baltic countries. In addition, the project aims to facilitate the coordination of EOSC initiatives in the participating countries and to harmonise operational policies and services. Over the course of the project, Nordic and Baltic countries seek to establish themselves as pioneers of open science cloud infrastructure in Europe.

The project is coordinated by NeIC, the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration. Five Finnish organisations have a role in the project: IT Center for Science (CSC), the Center for Information Technology at the University of Helsinki, the University of Eastern Finland, Finnish Meteorological Institute, and FSD as a representative of Tampere University.

FSD's contribution in the project is linked to a work package concerning the FAIR principles of research data and best practices in data management. In addition, FSD works in close cooperation in the project with other Nordic CESSDA archives.