The new longitudinal metadata portal Loda is now available, replacing the FNESdata portal

Loda provides users with variable-level information on the Finnish National Election Studies archived at the Finnish Social Science Data Archive. You can browse individual series and datasets, search specific variables on the search page, and easily explore the items to find and investigate new and interesting viewpoints to existing data. The new Loda portal is replacing the old FNESdata service and has been updated to include metadata for the latest Election Study conducted in 2019. Loda is available in English.

Loda promotes open access to longitudinal metadata and makes variable-level information easier to find and compare. The Loda portal was developed using the Colectica platform, which supports the DDI metadata standards and ensures the portal’s interoperability, allowing for different kinds of cooperation. The portal was developed in the Crossing Boundaries with Tools and Services (C-BoTS) project funded by the Academy of Finland.

The upgraded Loda portal will also be presented at the annual EDDI (Opens in a new tab) conference in December 2022 that will bring together DDI users and professionals from all over Europe and the world.

It is no coincidence that the portal’s public announcement date is today, on World Digital Preservation Day. Loda is one of the many services that enables the ‘digits to flourish’ and builds on the hard work of the dynamic and collaborative digital preservation community.