Discovery Service GoTriple for social sciences and humanities

The main goal of the recently launched GoTriple platform is to facilitate the discovery of scholarly resources, research projects and researchers in social sciences and humanities. The platform also facilitates crossing disciplinary and language barriers.

GoTriple platform was created in the EU-funded Horizon 2020 project TRIPLE. It will live beyond the project’s lifespan as part of the OPERAS service portfolio.

GoTriple in a nutshell:

  • Discover scholarly SSH resources, including articles, theses, reports and datasets.
  • Find information on ongoing and finalized research projects.
  • Find and connect with other researchers and projects.
  • Innovative tools and services to support research:
    • Visualisation of search results through steamgraphs and knowledge maps.
    • Online annotation tool Pundit allows users to annotate publications online and share their annotations with others.
    • Personalised recommendations based on former search queries.
    • Social networking and scientific crowdfunding service.

GoTriple platform strives to cross language barriers by machine-translating into English those resource descriptions that were originally available only in Croatian, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovenian, Spanish or Ukrainian, for discovery purposes. This allows users to make searches in multiple languages. Other languages are included into the search but their resource descriptions are not machine-translated into English. If the description was already available in English, it is not machine-translated.

In March 2023, the platform contained information on eight million resources, 22,000 projects and about six and a half million researcher profiles. The Finnish Social Science Data Archive participated in the TRIPLE project in the work package focusing on data acquisition, categorization, and vocabularies.

Go and take a look!

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