COVID-19 related research data and FSD’s services

FSD serves its customers normally. Many of our staff work from home, but our User Services and online services such as Data Portal Aila to function as usual.

This page showcases research data and data series from FSD's collection, as well as other key data sources related to the corona pandemic. All datasets archived at FSD can be found and downloaded from Aila Data Service.

List COVID-19 data in Aila

European data

New research data related to COVID-19 are constantly added to the CESSDA data catalogue (Opens in a new tab) . Search for these with terms 'COVID-19' or 'corona'. From the search results, you can see the instructions for downloading the data by clicking the 'Access data' button.

CESSDA offers also a listing of COVID-19 themed resources produced by its Service Providers: CESSDA and COVID-19 (Opens in a new tab) .

COVID-19 Data Portal (Opens in a new tab) gathers COVID-19 related data and tools in one place. All datasets archived with FSD (Opens in a new tab) can be found in the portal. The results are harvested from CESSDA's Data Catalogue.

Selected data in Aila

The Citizens' Pulse surveys (Opens in a new tab) (Kansalaispulssi) are conducted by the Prime Minister's Office and Statistics Finland regarding the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

FSD3662 ISSP 2021: Health II: Finnish Data (Opens in a new tab) includes questions about how the COVID-19 pandemic has been handled in Finland, and how the pandemic has affected the employment and financial situation of the respondent and his/her household. Soon available in English.

Qualitative stydy FSD3618 Narratives of Everyday Life during the COVID-19 Pandemic 2021 (Opens in a new tab) consists of self-administered written texts on everyday life during the COVID-19 pandemic. The dataset is (D) available only by permission from the data depositor/creator.

Qualitative stydy FSD3545 Interviews on Playing Video Games during the COVID-19 Pandemic 2020 (Opens in a new tab) consists of 10 transcribed interviews that investigated the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on everyday life and collected information about the interviewees' gaming experiences and time use.

Qualitative stydy FSD3465 Experiences of Social and Health Services in Finland during COVID-19 Pandemic 2020 (Opens in a new tab) consists of texts on experiences of visiting social and health services in Finland during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Church Research Institute's FSD3509 Mental Resilience of Finnish People II 2020 (Opens in a new tab) and FSD3508 Mental Resilience of Finnish People I 2020 (Opens in a new tab) chart the concerns and feelings of security and safety of people living in Finland during the coronavirus crisis.

Survey FSD3507 Impacts of the COVID-19 Crisis in Finnish Parishes 2020 (Opens in a new tab) conducted by the Church Research Institute maps experiences in congregations across Finland during the COVID-19 crisis.

Surveys conducted by the Ministry of Education and Culture FSD3477 Impact of COVID-19 on the Finnish Cultural Sector 2020 (Opens in a new tab) and FSD3531 Impact of COVID-19 on the Finnish Cultural Sector 2021 (Opens in a new tab) examine the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic to arts, culture and creative industries. Coming soon in English.

The datasets FSD3449 EVA Survey on Finnish Values and Attitudes Spring 2020 (Opens in a new tab) and Fall 2020 (Opens in a new tab) were collected during the COVID-19 crisis and it includes dozens of variables measuring views on the coronavirus pandemic and its effects on Finnish society and the economy.

Other variables related to pandemics can be found, for instance, in these datasets:

Other health-related datasets archived at FSD can be found on our health data theme page.

CESSDA has its own CESSDA and COVID-19 page on CESSDA support for researchers working on COVID-19 related research.