COVID-19 and FSD’s services

Despite the coronavirus, FSD strives to serve its customers normally. We continue to work from home, but our User Services and online services such as Data Portal Aila continue to function as usual.

We kindly request you to send any non-urgent information service requests by email to
user-services.fsd at

Questions on technical issues with our online services should be directed to
support.fsd at

We will inform of any changes on social media.

The dataset FSD3449 EVA Survey on Finnish Values and Attitudes Spring 2020 was collected during the first months of the COVID-19 crisis and it includes dozens of variables measuring views on the coronavirus pandemic and its effects on Finnish society and the economy. The dataset has been translated into English.

Other variables related to pandemics can be found, for instance, in these datasets:

Other health-related datasets archived at FSD can be found on our health data theme page.

CESSDA has its own CESSDA and COVID-19 page on CESSDA support for researchers working on COVID-19 related research.