Records Management and Archives Formation Plan of FSD Appendix 3: Information System Description (Aila)

Table 1.

Name of the information system Aila Data Service
Maintainer of the system Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD)
FI-33014 Tampere University
tel. +358 40 190 1432
Contact information Matti Heinonen
Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD)
FI-33014 Tampere University
tel. +358 40 190 1435
Purpose of the system Storage of information on data downloaded, client register, user registration system, and the data service portal (handling of personal data, see Privacy Policy).
Information content of the system
  • Information about Aila users (name, service language, contact information, username, information on whether the users allow promotional material, and information on their agreement to the terms and conditions of use)
  • Information on downloaded data
  • Information on archived data and related metadata
Sources of information
Data security of the system Aila Data Service is located on a FSD server. Access to the client register is restricted to the FSD staff members who have a username and password to the system. Aila Data Service users can browse and rectify their personal data after logging into the service.
Information collection started In year 2014
Updating frequency Daily
Access to the information The system contains both public and confidential information. Public information includes study descriptions of the archived datasets and information determining their reuse (files and their versions, series descriptions, terms and conditions for reuse). Operational statistics extracted from Aila are published annually in the archive's annual report. Information relating to users not public (see Privacy Policy).
Public address of the system