Initial results of FSD user survey

FSD conducted a user satisfaction survey between 31 October and 12 November 2017. User opinions on data use, FSD’s information service and communications were surveyed, among others. A total of 269 users responded to the survey.

The respondents were overall very satisfied with our services and data. As many as 84 percent of the respondents were very or somewhat satisfied with the data, while 82 percent were very or somewhat satisfied with the services.

Chart 1: Satisfaction with data and services.

Nearly 90 percent of the respondents considered FSD a trustworthy organisation. Most respondents, nearly 84 percent, thought that our data and services were useful in their work or studies. Moreover, our users find it very important that our services are free of charge.

Based on the results, it seems there is room for improvement in notifying the users about our services and events. One third of the respondents thought FSD provides sufficient information on them, while nearly a fifth disagreed with the statement. The need for effective communications and increased visibility of services is acknowledged in our strategy for 2017–2020.

Chart 2: Opinions on FSD’s visibility and impact

A more comprehensive report of the survey results will be published in early 2018.